Website Hosting

Note: All TPG accounts come with a Free Webspace, which has limitations and no server side scripting. This page has information for those Customers who require further website hosting services that are more advanced.

Benefits of having a website
The potential of business applications on the Internet is HUGE! The volume of exposure that your organisation will have via the Internet is a vast concept to grasp. People in the next town, next state and even in the next country will have the opportunity to better understand your organisation and what you have to offer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Think of your web presence as an initial contact point for potential clients, this first view of your organisation should look as professional and attractive as possible.

Progressive organisations are using their web presence as much more than just an online brochure or company profile. If you are regularly distributing standard forms or information to your clients, you should consider publishing them on your Web Site. You may also consider an Online Store with credit card purchasing facilities.

Benefits of TPG Website Hosting
With TPG Web Hosting Services, your Web Site is connected to the Internet through TPG's high-speed network, meaning consistently fast download times for visitors to your site.

Using TPG's extensive experience as a PC manufacturer the servers are regularly assessed and upgraded to ensure we provide you with optimum levels of performance using the latest technology hardware & software while maintaining maximum reliability

Your web site would be hosted on our Linux/Apache web servers, housed on secured premises, with backup power supply ensuring your web site is always available.

Steps to get your website set up

  • You will require a Web Designer to design your Web Site.
  • Complete the TPG Additional Services Registration Form which includes a Web Site Hosting Form and return to TPG to have your Web Site space allocated
  • If you require a Domain Name to be registered for your company click here
  • Once you have your Web Site designed, registered your Domain Name and TPG has allocated your Web Site space, you can upload your Web Site to the Internet.

Additional Website Hosting Plans

Plan Space Setup* Domain Hosting Website Hosting cart
0-25 Hosting   25MB   $49   $99/year   $99/year   Buy
26-50 Hosting   50MB   $49   $99/year   $176/year   Buy
51-100 Hosting   100MB   $49   $99/year   $352/year   Buy
101-500 Hosting   500MB   $328.90   $99/year   $2999/year   Buy
* Setup includes Hardware & Software setup

Things you should know:

  • TPG Website Hosting does not include Domain Name Hosting. Redirecting to Free Web space/ an IP Address/ external Website may only be done if TPG is Hosting the Domain Name you wish to be Redirected.
  • Website Hosting & Maintenance Includes: Website Hosting, server maintenance, traffic charges, Frontpage Server Extensions, Statistical Software, and various server side scripting languages.
  • Existing TPG Customers with an ADSL/Dial Up Account will have 10MB of Web space to use for basic HTML Websites. If you wish to use this Free Web space as your Website a Domain Name Hosting and Redirecting fee of $139 ($99 for Domain Name Hosting and $40 for Redirecting) per year (inc GST) will apply.
  • Alternatively if you are hosting your own website or wish for your Domain Name to be redirected to a different Website, the Domain Name Hosting & Redirecting Fee will also apply.

Additional Website Hosting Services

Product Yearly Price
Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions FREE
Website statistics FREE
Microsoft ASP/.NET2.0 $50
Microsoft SQL Server $220
mySQL $220
Secure Server Hosting $220