TPG Virtual Data Centre

TPG's Virtual Data Centre (vDC) lets you remove the burdens and complexities of managing on-premises IT infrastructure so you can focus on your
core business instead. A reduction in costs can also be realised because of a reduced need for power, co-location space, cooling and expensive IT infrastructure staff.

Automated provisioning

Using TPG's customer portal, you can order computer, storage and network resources and have them automatically provisioned and typically usable in minutes.

Flexible networking

Choose from fixed bandwidth, flat-rate or usage-based internet connectivity with vShield Edge firewall included.

Flexible cloud storage

Standard is designed for multipurpose workloads. Premium is designed for high performance, data intensive workloads.

This flexible, high-performance platform minimises the need for CapEx investments into your own IT, enabling you to purchase server and storage services that are fully integrated with the internet or your private network. Fees are consumption based on hourly charging, allowing you to take complete control of your IT costs by paying only for the resources you need when you need them. TPG's vDC is a carrier-grade Compute and Storage resource (Cloud / IaaS) embedded within TPG's national IP network.

Our Virtual Data Centre is a 100% Australian based cloud infrastructure available in 3 regions (NSW, VIC and WA).


Data Protection Daily snapshots with 35 days retention (requires "with backup" storage profile)
Virtualisation Based on VMware (vCloud Director) Hypervisor
Security Isolated virtual data centres with vShield Edge Stateful inspection Firewall and IPsec
VPN termination
Supported VM Operating Systems Windows, Linux (x86 - 32-bit and 64-bit)
Microsoft Licensing Microsoft licences available for rental under SPLA (including Windows, Exchange, SharePoint,
Lync, SQL, etc.)
Automated Frontier Reporting Frontier: service attributes, statistics (resource allocation and utilisation), service history,
related services and related orders
Service Management TPG Managed vCloud Infrastructure and Hypervisor environment; customer managed vDC VMs,
software and vShield firewall
Storage Technologies SAS with flash caching (premium)
SATA with flash caching (standard) which comes with high availability storage infrastructure and architecture